Unlock Your Disney Adventure With the New Disneyland Magic Key


The Disneyland Magic Key is a brand new annual pass program being introduced to the Disneyland Parks. Check out all the details below to learn more about it.

Disney magic is at an all time high as the parks have begun to re-open their gates, resort hotels, entertainment, and new lands and Disney fans will be able to experience it all with the new Magic Key pass.

Disneyland partners statue Walt and Mickey Mouse

With the excitement of the re-opening as well as the introduction of the Avengers Campus into Disney’s California Adventure, it is not surprising that many Disney lovers are ready to get back into the parks to explore the new offerings and to experience their old favorites.

The Disney parks may be open, however, they must follow some health and safety regulations, including a new form of reservation system to keep crowd levels low to ensure the safety of cast members and Disney guests alike. While this is, of course, a necessity for the health of all Disneyland attendees, Disney fans and pass holders look to the parks for new announcements on how to more regularly and freely experience the Disney magic when attending the parks.

After hearing these questions and concerns from their devoted fans, Disney has now announced the creation of the Magic Key program, an advanced form of the Disneyland annual pass, and a new and more flexible way to experience the parks more regularly with some fun and exciting new perks. Below are some answers to many of the questions you may be asking concerning this brand new program.

What is the Magic Key Pass and How Does it Work?

Disney’s new Magic Key pass is a new version of the original Disney parks annual pass that accommodates the necessary precautions during these cautious times. This pass comes in four different tiers, each with its own specific amount of permitted park reservations and different levels of blocked out visiting days.

Every Magic Key pass also offers unique savings on food and beverages, merchandise, and parking (for the top two tiers) which corresponds with their price level. In order of price high to low, all Disney fans have the option to purchase the Dream Key, Believe Key, and Enchant Key while the fourth and most affordable key, the Imagine Key is exclusively for Southern California residents.

Disneyland Magic Key
Pixar Pier and its many colors shine on a beautiful sunny day.

Magic Key holders will also be able to unlock other amazing perks as discussed in the next section.

Disneyland Magic Key
Disneyland’s info graphic concerning the Magic Key pass program and its different levels.

What Are the Perks of the Magic Key Pass?

Besides the previously discussed savings and reservation opportunities associated with each pass, Magic Key pass holders will have other exclusive opportunities and experiences offered to them.

Pass holders can expect dedicated Magic Key pass holder festivals and events as well as a Magic Key month of celebration. We have not received information yet concerning the specifics of those events, but there can be no doubt that they will be thrilling and magical.

Magic Key members will also have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive dining at the upcoming restaurant, Magic Key Terrace. The menu at this location will include fun and delicious items specifically crafter for Magic Key pass holders.

For more interaction between Disney and Magic Key guests, the Disneyland app will also open a specific portal meant only for those with the Magic Key pass. More on the portal and the Magic Key Terrace will hopefully be announced soon.

When and How Can I Purchase the Pass?

The Magic Key pass goes up for purchase very soon! Disney fans will have their first opportunity to buy the Magic Key pass of their choice on August 25, 2021 at 10 AM, PT on the Disneyland app. The app will show a reservation calendar for guests to choose from with the first possible reservation being that day.

Disneyland Magic Key
The gates of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle stand open awaiting guests to come through and experience the magic.

Disneyland has also announced that in honor of its magical 66 year anniversary, guests who purchase a Magic Key pass of any kind in the first 66 days will receive some fun perks. These perks will include a fun welcome gift containing a premium branded pin, a button, a magnet, and more along with an entry access to the new Starcade in Tomorrowland.

Starting September 1st, 2021, Magic Key pass holders will be able to experience the charging stations, an exclusive photo op and more in the new Starcade in Tomorrowland. Make sure to get your pass in the first 66 days for some wonderful park perks.

How Much Does the Magic Key Cost?

Magic Key passes range from $399 to $1,399 depending on the pass. The Southern California resident exclusive Imagine Key costs $399, the Enchant Key costs $649, the Believe Key costs $949, and the most expensive Dream Key costs $1,399. The more expensive the pass, the higher the savings on in park items and parking, as well as access to more reservation days and less restrictive block out day.

For each pass, guests must pay the total for 12 months of use, however, California residents (only Southern California residents have this opportunity with the Imagine Key pass) have the opportunity to pay in monthly installments, after a $179 downpayment, for 12 months. Check out the infographic above for more specifics on payment.

For more information on the pass and for future updates, make sure to check out Disneyland.com. It is an exciting time at the Disneyland and California Adventure parks as things begin to reopen and the Magic Key pass will surely be the best way to consistently experience these magical events.

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